13 Янв 2016
Post Slider для WordPress превращает посты в многостраничное слайд-шоу, что делает ваш сайт более привлекательным и удобным для пользователей. Плагин не требует редактирования существующих постов и совместим с любой темой WordPress. Имеет понятные настройки и более чем 60 вариантов оформления слайдера.

Theia Post Slider for WordPress transforms your multi-page posts into slideshows, making them much more engaging and easier to browse. It works out-of-the-box without editing your existing posts and it’s compatible with any WordPress theme. It has a user-friendly admin page where you can choose from over 60 slider themes and customize the plugin to your liking.

  • Works out-of-the-box with all of your existing posts.
  • Slides are efficiently loaded using AJAX and preloading techniques.
  • Ad refreshing upon navigation for Google DoubleClick and partners. (requires GPT and asynchronous rendering)
  • SEO optimized. Keeps the same URLs as before.
  • You can add headers, footers and titles for each slide/page.
  • Works with any WordPress theme.
  • 25+ slider themes you can choose from. Edit the buttons or create your own using CSS.
  • 4 transition effects: Slide, Fade, Basic and None
  • An admin page with a Live Preview to easily customize your WordPress slider.
  • Keyboard shortcuts (left and right arrows).
  • Degrades gracefully for visitors without JavaScript.
  • API for developers wishing to extend functionality.
  • Optionally allow jumping to the previous or next post.
  • Can be enabled on a post-by-post basis.
  • Compatible with the most popular SEO and Cache WordPress plugins.
  • Page views for each slide are tracked in Google Analytics or Piwik (if available).
  • Supports RTL languages.
  • Optimized for speed using CSS sprites.
  • Receive support and free upgrades.
  • High-quality code complete with comments.
  • The Photoshop Documents (PSDs) used to create the WordPress slider button themes.
  • The Compass SASS/SCSS source files used to create the CSS files.
  • Complete documentation for installing and customizing the WordPress slider.

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