13 Янв 2016
Dr. Steve G. Jones

In the fields of sales and marketing, the one skill that floats above the rest is persuasion. Persuasion is the single most powerful sales tool that you can use to turn around a floundering career or raise the bar of an already successful one.

Either way, persuasion plays a crucial role in people’s lives. People use persuasion to achieve goals, satisfy needs and fulfill personal desires. The book that you are holding now contains usable language patterns that you can teach clients who are in need of a little ‘persuasion boost’. Since people want results (and quickly), this Advanced NLP Technique book focuses specifically on language patterns that can be implemented almost immediately.

As with everything associated with neuro linguistic programming, it is important that you emphasize repetition and practice because not everyone can employ NLP language patterns naturally in a short period of time. The main goal is for your clients to develop natural persuasion skills that would make use of a combination of language patterns when the need arises.

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